PEXA® Conceptual Pattern Framework

Business Frameworks - examples

Journalizing engine

  • Automated journalizing through processing daily and periodic transactions based on given logics set with meta-master.
  • Separations of processes and rules.
  • Adoption of multiple rules, e.g. a number of accounting standards (US GAAP, Japanese GAAP, IFRS, management accounting, statutory rules, and so forth)
  • Flexible environment for amendment and adjustment of rules and accounting standards.

Analysis engine

  • Automated analysis through processing various financial and operational data.
  • Applicable to financial analysis, management accounting analysis, operational analysis, forensic accounting analysis, key performance indicators, Enterprise Risk Management, etc.

Reporting engine

  • Automated report production daily and periodic (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) through processing financial and operational data.
  • Offers functions similar to BI Tool.
  • System-generated reports and accountability for auditing.
  • Applicable to financial reports, regulatory reports, management reports, tax returns, etc. and XBRL module can be appended.

Payroll management system

  • Management system applicable for various types of payroll structure, including private companies and governmental organizations with a wide range of public service personnel.

Decision Support Platform

  • Decision Support Platform, driven by a collection of know-how contents, shows a set of wise answers [To-do List] in response to users' inputs in a [Check List].

The Activity-Based Cost Assignment System ("ABCAS$quot;)

  • ABCAS has extended the concept of Activity-Based Costing and covers all the costs of materials, labor, machines, facilities and supporting functions (e.g., engineering, maintenance, conveyance, etc.), applicable for a variety of manufacturing and service industries.

PEXA® Conceptual Pattern Framework

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Journalizing engine - an example

Activity-Based Cost Assignment System - an example

Payroll Management System- an example