Atrris Corporation

Atrris Corporation was established in 2004 by the founding members of Sun Microsystems’ Java Center. Based on the members’ experience in application development, the team has devised PEXA®, an innovative platform for the business analysis and the execution environment for a complex large enterprise system. The firm is relatively new, but the team has more than 20 years’ experience in system integration.

The Lines of Business:

  • Business analysis and system design consulting
  • Enterprise system integration
  • Development and sales of application development frameworks
  • Designing and construction of system and network infrastructure

Corporate Mission

While the construction business and the manufacturing industries have hundreds years histories, the history of the computer system development is at most a few decades. In this short history, various trials and errors were repeated, yet, no definite approach has been found.

Most of the system development methodology depend on the computer engineers' observation of business activities from the viewpoint of the technical expert. Atrris' PEXA Suite, however, shifted the initiative to the users, and it is now possible to implement the system in the perspective of the users. Accordingly, the new methodology resolved many issues that conventional technologies had encountered, and both the users and the engineers can enjoy the benefit of this innovative technology.

Atrris' mission is to disseminate this approach, and to mark a big step in the history of computer system implementation.

Corporate History

Apr 2004 Atrris Corporation was founded to develop PEXA®, an innovative platform for business analysis and system development
Oct 2004 PEXA® Suite 1.0 Released
Dec 2005 PEXA® Suite 2.0 Released
Feb 2007 PEXA® Suite 3.0 Released
Aug 2008 Collaboration Agreement with NTT Data Corporation in the development of upstream process methodology
Mar 2009 PEXA® Works 1.0 Released
Aug 2009 PEXA® Suite 4.0 Released
Dec 2010 Hospital Logistics System launched
May 2011 PEXA® Suite 4.6 Released
Apr 2013 PEXA ® Conceptual Pattern Framework launched



  • Business analysis and system design consulting
  • Enterprise Systems integration
  • Development and sales of Application Development Framework
  • System/Network Infrastructure
President and CEO: Masanori Yasumitsu
Headquarters: Yoga ST Building 3F, 2-39-11 Yoga, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo Japan
Office Map
Established: April 2004