PEXA® Suite

Enterprise Systems – Benefits

Efficient and effective enterprise management over business processes and information

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – resource allocation and utilization
  • Real-time reference to the company’s financial and management data
  • Budget monitoring
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise System Development – Difficulties

TIME: Long time and tremendous work for full adoption
COST: High cost of development, implementation, and operation
QUALITY: Lack of expertise to analyze business processes
Uncertain benefits and/or returns after spending those time and costs
MAINTENANCE: Gaps between plans and deliverables

So What If...

  • Only sequence diagrams of business processes are required to create your customizable enterprise system?
  • All necessary, quality-guaranteed deliverables for your enterprise system are automatically generated based on the sequence diagrams?

PEXA® Suite

PEXA® Methodology is a business-oriented, user-focused methodology.

PEXA® Works automatically produces design documents with formulated procedures, irrespective of the type of operation.

PEXA® Engine automatically builds an application execution environment based on the result of the analysis and system design.

PEXA® Suite – Structure

PEXA® Suite – Advantages

The advantages of PEXA® Suite include:

  • Shortened analysis phase
  • Users can easily review results and refer to documents via web browsers
  • Because rules are separate, processes can be reviewed easily and confirmed with the operative prototype application by engineers and users
  • Reduced development lead time and costs for system implementation and maintenance
  • Specifications and programs are always synchronized

PEXA® Suite supports accounting functions such as:

  • Real-time financial statements per multiple accounting standards (IFRS, U.S. GAAP, Japanese GAAP, etc)
  • Real-time management reports
  • System-generated supports for Financial Statement Audit and SOX/JSOX
  • Easy design/implementation of general IT controls/automated controls, eliminating manual controls