PEXA® Suite - PEXA® Methodology

As Is Analysis

  • Under PEXA® Methodology, “As-Is” business processes are analyzed and illustrated in PEXA® Sequence Diagrams based on:
    • Role of the user (Subject)
    • Action of the user (Verb)
    • Object processed by the user (Object)
  • All necessary functions for each user can be described using these subject, verb, and object statements (SVO statements)

Role Patterns

Role Description
Active Create new data (initiation) / Delete data
Passive Accept Change the status of the data
Edit Edit the contents of the data
Produce Generate different data from the data
Send Send the data to other groups or organizations
Receive Receive the data from other groups or organizations
Reference Refer the data
Control Determine the rules on the data (master maintenance)

*Any transaction can be processed by one or a combination of these role patterns above irrespective of the category of business


*1: Review and update the documentations

*2: Review and update the GUI/Reporting using tools.

Business Process Analysis

PEXA® Sequence Diagram

Example: A Financial Institution’s Back Office Operation – Report Output

Example (2) A Data Center’s Marketing and Sales Operation - Prepare estimates for its prospective clients

Example (3) A System Management Company’s Payroll Processing - Enter employee hours