PEXA® Suite - PEXA® Works

Eliminates the ambiguity and discontinuity between upstream and downstream artifacts, which had been the problem for conventional methods of analysis, design and implementation.

  • Provides a method of derivation and validation of artifacts and deliverable from upstream to downstream.
  • Sort out the artifacts based on predetermined abstract classification (stereotypes)
  • Artifacts are verifiable both by customers and SEs
  • Artifacts are managed by list (catalog) with cross-reference, and the impact of any design change can be automatically extracted
  • Applicable to a wide variety of industries and business operations
  • Independent from specific development environment (OS, programming language, etc.)


  • Web-based cross reference tables of users and data flows
  • Business Catalog (Lists of functional requirements)
  • Data model schemas (table definition, data definition)
  • Statements and Activities (Process definition based on functional requirements)
  • Prototype Application with GUI

Tasks, Artifacts, Process Control Tools

Deliverables (cont.)