PEXA® Suite

PEXA® Engine

  • Full-Java runtime engine that directly reads, interprets and executes business content definitions (catalog). Achieves a high degree of maintenance capability to prevent the deterioration of the system.
  • The system runs from the same catalog used to produce the documents, and prevents the creation of any gap between design documents and running programs
  • PEXA® Engine is Not defined by any programming language, Nor generate any programming language, and is likely to remain very stable even on new emerging environments

PEXA® Suite with Frameworks


*Please refer separate pages for the other components of PEXA® Conceptual Pattern Framework

The features and the architecture

A Prototype Application with GUI

Example: A Prototype Application – Inventory Management

PEXA® Journalizing Engine – Overview

PEXA® Journalizing Engine - Features

  • Automated journalizing through processing daily transactions
  • The separation of accounting processes and accounting standards
  • Adoption of multiple accounting standards (US GAAP, Japanese GAAP, IFRS, management accounting, statutory rules, and so forth)
  • Easy amendment and adjustment of accounting standards
  • Automated year-end closing to support accurate and timely financial information
  • System-generated reports and accountability for auditing
  • PEXA® Journalizing Engine connects the dots between physical assets and financial fundamentals and a broad array of performance factors